Does Going to the Dentist Make You Nervous?

When you have been a dentist for a while, you get used to hearing people say that they are afraid or nervous about going to see the dentist. This is a very common to hear, but it is usually unfounded. Dentistry today is more painless than ever before. Nonetheless, there are still people that are just too nervous to visit their dentist.
If you’ve got problems with anxiety, stress or fear, so much so that the thought of visiting the dentist makes your heart skip a beat, then sleep dentistry may be the way for you to go. The option to finally get quality dental care and to be free from fear at the same time is a very sweet deal for people who have had these fear issues for a long time.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

A sleep dentist like me, Dr. Jaime Morales is specially qualified to deal with people who have serious anxiety or fear issues when visiting the dentist. I am experienced and qualified to prescribe medication to patients that will help get rid of the fear. You don’t actually go to sleep when you visit us sleep dentist, but the medications that are administered help to keep you relaxed and free from all of your fears.

Sleep dentistry allows people who put off going the dentist for years because of fear a chance to get their teeth checked and to brighten up their smile at last. The chance to finally visit a dentist and not be overwhelmed with fear is a welcome relief for so many people. It can allow people who have very serious dental problems to get the help that they really need.

If you have any questions about sleep dentistry please call me at 732-826-0410 number, or click here to make an appointment. I’ve treated thousands of patients at my Perth Amboy office and look forward to treating you.

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